General Information

Information for Current Members

Subscription Fees

We ask for a subscription fee from each child so that they can take part in our weekly meetings.  To secure your child’s place at their weekly meeting their subscription fees must be paid at the end of the previous term. This is presently £25 four times a year.

This will then secure your child’s place at their weekly meetings for the following term.
Subscription Fees for Beavers, Cubs & Scouts is £25 per term.
You will receive a payment request email via Online Scout Manager 3 weeks before the end of term to remind you that payment is due, how much is due and the date it is due by.
The reason we send it out 3 weeks before the end of term is to give parents plenty of notice that payment is due.
You will also receive automatic reminders during those 3 weeks.

Dropping Off Your Child at Weekly Meetings

When you are dropping off your child at the Scout Hall you MUST bring your child into the Scout Hall and check that there are 2 leaders present for your child’s meeting.  If there is only 1 leader present you must stay with your child until a second leader arrives.  You are responsible for the health and safety of your child until you bring them into the Scout Hall and leave them with 2 leaders.

Young Persons Details

For the health and safety of your son/daughter it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that your child’s personal details are up to date (i.e. Medical Details, Allergies, Emergency Contact Details etc.).
Have you moved house or changed your contact telephone number ?
Has your child’s medical details changed ?
If so you MUST log into the Parent Portal on OSM and update your child details.
It is the Parent/Guardians responsibility to ensure that their child’s personal details are up to date.
Leaders cannot be held responsible for any issue due to contact or medical information being incorrect.

Activity Forms

When we take your child out on an activity we are required to issue an activity form which you must sign and return before the event.  If the form is not returned duly completed we are not allowed to take your child out on the activity.

Gift Aid

One way you can help our Group with our fundraising is to complete an online gift aid declaration from within Online Scout Manager under personal details.  This enables the Group to claim back from the Inland Revenue tax relief on your child’s subscriptions without any extra cost to yourself.

Questions, Queries or Issues

Do you have any queries, questions or issues that you wish to raise ?
Please feel free to speak to either your Section Leaders or a member of the Group Executive Committee or contact us using the Contact Us form