Youth Work Guidance Update – New Level 3 and 4 Restrictions



To: all members

Dear friends,

You will be aware that the Scottish Government has announced that tighter Coronavirus restrictions will apply in all parts of Scotland, from 26th December. This will have an impact on how we can deliver youth work.

As always, our absolute priority must be to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our members, their families and the wider community. The difference within the Level 3 and Level 4 restrictions, on this occasion, is that schools are also reverting to on-line learning for most pupils, until 18th January at least.

We have liaised with the Scottish Government and now have no alternative but to move Scouting in all parts of Scotland back to the Red readiness level, from 26th December. This means online delivery only.

This is a situation that will be reassessed as soon as the Scottish Government reviews the situation for schools and we will contact you again at that point. We know that programme planning for online delivery is challenging, but there are some new resources available to help you on both the <scoutnews.scot/2SBF-13Z5Z-NLL3U-PDZZ2-1/c.aspx> UK website and the <scoutnews.scot/2SBF-13Z5Z-NLL3U-PDZJD-1/c.aspx> Scouts Scotland website.

For those of you who were planning a return to face-to-face Scouting in the New Year, please press ahead with getting risk assessments approved, so you will be ready when restrictions are eased. To help you with this, the safety measures that are contained within the <scoutnews.scot/2SBF-13Z5Z-NLL3U-PDZJ9-1/c.aspx> guidance on protecting ourselves and others remains unchanged and all Scout Groups, Districts and Regions should continue to follow the <scoutnews.scot/2SBF-13Z5Z-NLL3U-PDZJA-1/c.aspx> UK Framework for face to face activities and all related guidance. Our previously circulated ‘Quick Guide’, to what is permitted at each Scottish Government Level, will not apply until the situation with schools is reviewed.

Scouting plays a key part in supporting the health and wellbeing of our young people and our programme has never been more needed. Our grateful thanks to you and all your Leaders, for everything you have done and continue to do for our young people. These measures are being introduced to help supress the virus and make sure that we can continue to provide a fun and engaging programme for our young people, supported by all our amazing volunteers.

Despite the restrictions, we all wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to a much happier 2021.

Andrew Sharkey
Chief Commissioner of Scotland