Hoodies and Tshirts

Hi all, 

You are now able to order 1st Elgin Scout hoodies/t shirts. Which are being made for us by the team at Dallas Designs. This can be worn in place of the scout shirt on week nights while the weather begins to get cooler for the next few weeks which is why we recommend to hit the online stores such as shoppok which now offers a lot of deals you might want to take advantage of. You do not have to buy if you do not wish to do so and full uniform (scout shirt & neckie) will be needed for some nights. 

To order go to the parents section

Will put in the order a week tomorrow (16th)  and will notify you when payment is required. 

Sizes & prices are as follows

Kids Hoodie – £14.95 each

Kids Sport Tee – £7.80 each

Adult Contrast hoodie – £22.25 each

Adult Sport Tee – £9.35 each

A name printed on the back would be an additional £2.75.

Kids Sizes – 

Hoodies – 1/2 24″ 3/4 26″ 5/6 28″ 7/8 30″ 9/11 32″ 12/13 34″

Tees –  XS 3/4 S 5/6 M 7/8 L 9/11 XL 12/13

Adult Sizes – 

Hoodies – XS 34″ S 36″ M 40″ L 44″ XL 48″ 2XL 52″

Tees – XS 35″ S 38″ M 40″ L 43″ XL 45″ 2XL 48″ 3XL* 50″ 

Kind regards,


1st Elgin scout leader