COVID procedures effective from Tuesday 19 Apr 2022.

Good morning to you all,

I thought I would do a quick email to clarify the 1st Elgin Scout Group COVID procedures effective from Tuesday 19 Apr 2022.

In line with the easing of Scottish Government restrictions, most COVID-19 mitigations will become guidance from Tuesday 19th April, rather than legal requirements. The virus has not gone away, so we will continue to implement measures which will help suppress it. 

This includes:                    

  • If we are In the hall, it will be ventilated as much as possible.
  • Staying outdoors as much as possible. This will be the plan post COVID as well.
  • Ensuring good hand hygiene and surface cleaning.
  • Whilst indoors we would still recommend that those 12 and over wear a mask, but this is not compulsory.
  • Advising that any member displaying COVID related symptoms, should not attend a meeting or event.
  • No parents allowed on Scout’s land unless cleared with leader, please que outside the gates.
  • No parking for parents or guardians on Scout’s land unless a member has a disability – please let us know in advance.

I would also like to say thank you very much for everyone’s support and adherence to the rules over the last 2 years, it has enabled us to operate (in slightly different ways!) and to offer Scouting activities.

A really big thankyou also needs to go out to all the leaders and volunteers who have made this possible, the adaption of events and meetings has taken up considerable personal time.

Kind regards


Andre Govier
Group Scout Leader of 1st Elgin Scouts. 


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