Feed a mouth in Moray

2021 is off to a difficult start as the Covid pandemic continues, people’s livelihoods and incomes are disrupted with lockdown and families struggling with school closures. One of the widely publicised issues with school closures is that many children and families rely on free school meals, without this children can go hungry and families can be left feeling the added financial pressure.
As announced at the end of last year FAMIM has teamed up with Moray Scouting. There are 44 groups across Moray covering all ages from Beavers and Cubs to Scouts and Explorers. Each group will be working on raising awareness of food poverty in their local area and finding ways to help. This gives us a joint reach right across the county, enabling FAMIM to help more people than ever before.
What has become evident since starting up this partnership is that the children really want to be able to help other children. They are empathetic and considerate to the situations of others, which is lovely to see.
Using the funds raised through donations to Feed a mouth in Moray we are making plans to help as many people, in as many parts of Moray as possible. So far this includes the Scout groups continuing the> #FillOurFoodBanks drive and getting involved with producing and distribution of food parcels and meal deliveries for vulnerable people (as long as this can be achieved in a Covid-safe manner). We also have many other initiatives we hope to start off as the year progresses. With your continued support we may be able to make 2021 a better year.~